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Vancouver, British Columbia Canada : A breath of fresh air

posted Aug 7, 2016, 11:25 PM by Raphaël Pathé   [ updated Aug 13, 2016, 10:56 AM ]
The World's Medium tour is starting off with an amazing little trip in Vancouver, Canada. What a surprise it was to discover a city that has such an amazing Feng Shui balance : no wonder why 40% of the population is made of Asian people. As opposed to Europe and the US in general, Vancouver, Canada, looks like the city of the future, the future how we imagined it back in the 70's. The air is clean, there is water all around, the vibe is modern and the lines are sharp. Birds and trees are all everywhere.  The inhabitants aren't too stressed. I realized I hadn't been breathing properly for so long, I needed some AIR. Vancouver was the answer. Whenever you need a real break from your city, come to Vancouver, it's a breather. I bought crystals at "The Crysyal Ark" on Granville Island and walked around The food marketeverything looked so delicious, seriously , I took the Aquabus to get there. 
I went to the Chinese Garden and hugged a tree that taught me extrême kindness.

I saw fabulous fireworks by Disney on Sunset beach ate delicious Thaï food at WOW Thaï in Gastown and was able to see some super cute furry animals at the Catfé a café where one can touch cats.
Overall, I'm glad I was able to read people here in Vancouver and to bring my gift of mediumship to Canada. Unlike in Los Angeles, there are very few psychics or mediums in the City. I will be back in Los Angeles, very soon but I have a new plan : travel the world again, country after country, city after city, and heal the world, and document my adventures. More to come soon but I think my next trip is Mexico, watch out for more.