- Gift of mediumship (precise facts, with or without a reference object, draws what he sees)

- Feels what the deceased feel

- Reads tarot decks (love readings, business readings, health readings)

- Speaks French and English

- Finds lost objects by pendulum dowsing

- Aura cleansing rituals

- Pet psychic abilities : communicates with cats and dogs

- Communicates with trees

- Space energy clearings : (proven successful when a house that had remained too long on the market sold right after Raphael’s clearing)

- Strong interest in traditional Chinese medicine

- French aromatherapy, healing power of herbs.


Raphaël Pathé is a French spiritual medium and psychic entertainer, descendant of Charles Pathé, founder of the French Pathé cinema and Music global brands. As a child, he discovered the power of precious gems by touching jewelry (diamonds, emeralds and rubies) that his great uncle Raymond, a French jeweler, regularly brought from China in the 50’s. Soon after, Pathé began to collect crystals and tap into their energies. As a teenager, he taught himself to read the Egyptian tarot and devoured many books about magic and astrology. He first experienced an awakening of his gift during an encounter with a ghost in his parents beach house.


In 2010, Raphael Pathé moved to West Hollywood, CA to pursue a series of TV and music projects.  While living in West Hollywood, Pathé realized his house was haunted by a very bad entity that put a real struggle on his everyday life and career, leading to sleep depravation and eventually complete burnout. A psychic in Hollywood, CA told him that his life wanted him to use his special gift immediately.  She encouraged him to become a full-time psychic and spiritual medium -- which he did. After training in France with ‘white witch’ Morgane Gouedard, Pathé returned to LA and successfully relaunched his life.


Raphael is formally trained in music, dancing and acting, which he studied in Paris, France.  With those skills, he made a career hosting and performing at prestigious events all around the world. He began to formally practice mediumship in 2012. Raphael Pathé shares his gifts with a clientele from all around the globe as part of “The World’s Medium Tour”. In addition, his new clients find that he quickly becomes their trusted healer, psychic and spiritual medium. Since January 2017, Raphael set his new high season base in St. Barts, a French-speaking Caribbean island known for its white-sand beaches and designer shops. The capital, Gustavia, encircling a yacht-filled harbor that welcomes the jet set from North America, Russia and Brazil.


- Provides a confidential, convenient service at one of his personal space in St Barts, Los Angeles, Paris , or through house calls.   Will also read clients at special events, or via Skype / Facetime sessions.

- Raphael Pathé The World's Medium International Tour

AUG 2016 Vancouver BC CANADA

SEPT - NOV 2016 Puerto Vallarta MEXICO

DEC 2016 Paris FRANCE

DEC 29TH 2016 Amsterdam HOLLAND

DEC 30TH 2016 - APRIL 6TH 2017 St Barts - FRENCH ANTILLES

APRIL 2017 Paris & Le Touquet Paris Plage - FRANCE

MAY 2017 Dubai UAE

JUNE 2017 Barcelona SPAIN

JULY 2017 Ibiza SPAIN

AUGUST 2017 Mykonos GREECE

OCTOBER 2017 - NOVEMBER 2017 Puerto Vallarta MEXICO

- Events at W Hollywood, Sofitel at Beverly, Confession in Hollywood

- Special weekly guest on Psychic Today in the UK, Sky TV Channel 886 

- Medium in LA online vlog

- Mystic Journey in Venice Beach on Abbot Kinney (psychic store of the stars) as seen in GQ magazine


- The World's medium : TV show


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