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I love my new life in Hollywood

posted Apr 21, 2015, 12:37 AM by Raphaël Pathé   [ updated Apr 21, 2015, 12:49 AM ]
We go through different phases in our lives, I call them "episodes" of our lives.
Each episode brings or brings back a whole set of actors.  
Here is the cast of my new life :

Erin Gavin is a Hollywood based Scottish actress , sparkling, lively, funny, warm : I am very happy to count her among my friends. Last week-end, Erin invited me at her place in Hollywood to meet her best friends who flown from Scotland and I did tarot readings for each one of them. It was so much fun and what I like about all the girls was how spontaneous and funny they were. It made me want to visit Scotland at some point. I actually would want to get married in a haunted castle in Scotland, I have always wanted to. There I also met her lovely friend Keri, a beautiful and mysterious young women from the Hollywood Hills. 

- Addison Witt is a fabulous talent agent extraordinaire and TV personality I met in 2011 at the Hollywood Tower . Hanging out with Addison is very very entertaining and I am really excited about reconnecting with him recently. We went to the 101 Coffee shop last Friday evening and I had a banana split, and a lot of fun. Next Friday evening we will go back to the Franklin village neighborhood for more talks. Addison and I have one thing in common : we both love the Avenue of the Stars in Los Angeles.

- Karen Genendlis : if Karen likes you, the Hollywood boys love you. I like Karen, she works very closely to the Gold's Gym Hollywood's manager at the Hollywood location. I met Karen through a friend, and I immediately liked her personality, she reminds me of the powerful women who rule Paris in France. She has a big heart and I must say that she is the best asset that a gym could have. Karen knows how to sell and how to take care of her clients. Thumbs up Karen.