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  • 1The distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.

    ‘the ceremony retains an aura of mystery’
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  • 2(in spiritualism and some forms of alternative medicine) an emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual. ‘emotional, mental, and spiritual levels form an energy field around the body known as the aura’‘muddy colours in the aura indicate negative emotions’

Our auras are like magnets picking up vibrational energies that are floating around everywhere we go. It is important to have our auras cleansed freeing them of foreign vibrations and negative energies.  Our auras, or energy fields, interact constantly with the energy of others. It's not uncommon for us to take on some of the energy of other people. For example, have you ever been in a great mood, then spent time with someone sour and negative, only to find that your good mood has evaporated? You've probably taken on some of the energy of the negative person.
Usually it does not serve us well to absorb others' energies into our own auras. Our auras can also harbor the energies of unwanted thought forms (such as negative self-images and negative self-talk) and unprocessed emotions. Drugs (prescribed or not) and even food can also taint the aura.

Any of these foreign energies can make our energy field less balanced, and can cause blockages to the natural flow of energy in our field. When our auras are harboring unwanted energies, we may feel tired, down, unbalanced, depressed, anxious, "not quite ourselves," or even ill. We can clear our fields through various aura cleansing techniques.
Getting an aura cleansing should make us feel more vibrant, clearer, happier, more balanced--more "ourselves."
Many individuals are victims of Black Magic, Psychic attacks, spells, curses, hexes and so much more. Even if the problem has been resolved, many times the individual will still feel that from the outside things look and feel better, but inside, they still hurt, are left confused and sadden & feeling they are imprisoned in their own body.

The problem is, while growing up their energy and their aura has been through much negativity, even though years have passed and everything from the outside is better, the inside wounds are still there and until they are treated, one will never have peace of mind.
I use herbs, salts and crystals and my own energy to cleanse your aura so you can take a fresh energy start.

Schedule an aura cleansing session WhatsAPP +1 (323) 304-0101 or text +1 (323) 304-0101