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Space Energy Clearing
Do you feel your home have ghosts?
Do areas of your home give you the creeps?
Are you about to move into a new home or have just recently moved in a new home?
Is there a great sense of negative energy in your home or in the area where you live?
Do areas of the land where your home is make you feel uncomfortable?
Do you or anyone else within your home experience :
- Unusual feelings of being cold, chilled even when the thermometer tells you the room temperature is normal?
- Strange unexplained sounds in the night, such as music, voices or knocking?
- Feeling a presence, even when you know you are alone?
- A strange negative feeling in certain areas of your home, office or on the land you occupy?
- The touch of invisible hands?
- Strange odors that have no source?
- Children insisting that there is someone there whom you cannot see?
- Unusual "bad luck"?
- Fearful emotions that are not your own?

Ghosts are frequently referred to as "lost souls" and are entities who have died, but rather than furthering their spiritual progress to The Other Side, they remain earthbound, attached to their physical existence. They are usually lost, confused and very scared. They see themselves as neither in heaven nor on earth and often do not even realize that they are dead. They rarely do harm, though they can be very mischievous. Because they resonate on a very low vibrational atmosphere level, they can often be seen and heard. Ghosts and dark forces, are known to haunt. They associate themselves to particular locations, giving that area an eerie feel. Hospitals, grave yards, land upon which battles have occurred, structures built upon burial grounds, houses in which an occupant has died, and very old buildings, are some of the most common haunts of ghosts. However, they are often found in new homes and buildings, as well. In such cases they have usually been carried in as an attachment and then unattached from the host once inside the building. These entities will also attach to land, trees, people, and even animals.
A house clearing is an energetic cleansing on the space where you live or occupy, whether it is a studio apartment, a mansion or an office. Energy loves form, and our living spaces are prime real estate for mental and emotional energies, disembodied beings and other energetic entities to gather around. A house clearing, land cleansing and negative energy healing is perfect for suspected ghosts, stuck or stale energy, buying and selling a house, or clearing out someone’s negative energy from your space. 
I educate these lost souls, carefully helping them and guiding them. Then he'll release them into the White Light to further their spiritual advancement to the other side. All house clearing and land cleansing will consist of removal of all earthbound entities plus a thorough clearing of the home and cleansing of the land. I always ends each clearing and cleansing with a vibrational spiritual prayer to remove all negative energy within the etheric atmosphere of the home and on the land.

 Next step for me will be to help you reprogram and heal your living space by giving you advice and by recommending you different types of crystals to place the house in order to "bring back the magic" and to protect you for further psychic attacks and energy blocage. 
Crystals can absorb, repel or transmute unbalanced energies and set the energy note or tones of a room. My choice of stones will help make the area more suitable for whatever purpose you use the room. An arrangement of crystals or a single stone can also provide a focus for meditations. Arrangements of stones in the home can help maintain the clarity and wholesomeness of the home's energies. They can also help reduce the effects of stress and electro-magnetic pollution.
 I can place arrangements of crystals in your home or yard to help keep the areas energy clear and to call in desired energies.The crystals can be part of the decorative features of your home while providing energy or can be placed out of sight if you do not want them visible. The energy and essence of the stones you will have in your home and surroundings will effect the energy of your home and the people in it .
Be aware - when a child is scared of the dark and says there is something scary in their room, there probably is. Children see ghosts and other entities much easier than most adults can.