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Tarot reading live on UK Television - always so much fun

posted Jul 17, 2015, 1:54 PM by Raphaël Pathé
Today I've had a wonderful time talking to Tania Psychic Today's newest presenter of  "The Love Zone" featuring psychic Lisa Marie.
I love to work live as a psychic on TV, it's a great way for me to keep the very strong connection I feel with the UK people.
It brings back all these fabulous memories of a great 5 years spent living in London UK. It's always a great laugh, UK people may not always have the best weather but they surely have a warm heart. I miss it sometimes.

Answering questions live on TV can be challenging sometimes, it's a great way to determine if you are a real psychic or not.
Watch me next Friday, you can see me live no matter which country you live in.
Have a lovely week end.