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Ghosts ? Spirits ? Angels ?

posted Jul 15, 2014, 3:10 PM by Raphaël Pathé   [ updated Aug 26, 2014, 5:24 PM ]
Nope you're not crazy :) First time I met a ghost was at my grandfather's vacation beachouse near Le Touquet Paris Plage in France. I was celebrating my birthday at our house there, with my best friend A. In the middle of the night, right after I fell asleep, I had an out of body experience - to note this is something that happens to me quite often - I went out of the room and went to the staircase leading downstairs, and there, I met a man, very cold, dark green, wearing a hat and he was not happy at all. He almost looked like if he had drawn himself a while ago. Each time I would return to the house, I would feel its presence but nobody ever believed me. In fact, I never really liked that house, and I usually preferred staying at my great aunt's vacation house across the street.
I went again to the house on my own to get some rest from traveling extensively.
One night as I was talking to my Mum on the phone, I started hearing a lot of noise coming from the street.
Only thing is that it was November and there are nobody in the village at winter.
I quickly realised that there were no people in the street, the TV set downstairs switched itself on, just by magic.
I went downstairs to switch it off. Once upstairs the TV switched itself on again, I decided to unplug it.
I wasn't scared, I knew that the ghost had switched the TV on, but then I didn't feel comfortable about the whole thing.
Eventually I found out that my great grand father Raphaël, being a successful banker, before 1929 bank crash . One of his clients never managed to pay their debts, he had to give his house. I believe that the ghost haunting the house is the original owner of the property and he is stuck there and is possibly not even aware on the fact that he's stuck.
I haven't had the opportunity to help him leave the house because I have decided not to go to that house anymore, but I will do it in the near future, as soon as I can.

Another ghost that is really present in my life is the one that haunts the second home I rented in West Hollywood California. There is a presence in the left corner of the living room and the place feels like a vortex that sucks people's energy. One of my friend has actually seen the ghost, it's an old woman who walks with a cane.
I believe she is stuck in the house, she cannot go away, she is trapped in.
I actually left the house because it was sucking all my energy, on another hand, it did lead me to become a psychic full time, that ghost changed everything in my life, it started to really help me reconnect to all the psychic gifts I had when I was a teenager.
Also now I can get in touch with ghosts and spirits very easily. If there's one somewhere, I'm going to feel it, it gives me goose bumps instantly and then if it feels very cold it's not a really good sign, if it feels super warm, it is.
When a client comes for a reading, I do feel the spirits that surround them, sometimes it's good sometimes not.
I don't talk to them but they communicate with me through sensations I feel.
So when you feel there's a ghost somewhere, stop feeling sorry, stop wonder if ghosts exist or not.
We are surrounded by spirits and vibes, it's only a matter of different dimensions that we cannot fully understand being a human being, it doesn't mean they are not here.


A ghost - or spirit or apparition - is the energy, soul or personality of a person who has died and has somehow gotten stuck between this plane of existence and the next. Most researchers believe that these spirits do not know they are dead. Very often they have died under traumatic, unusual or highly emotional circumstances. Ghosts can be perceived by the living in a number of ways: through sight (apparitions), sound (voices), smell (frangrances and odors), touch - and sometimes they can just be sensed.
from wiki