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Vienna (Austria in Europe) September 2017 RTWMT (THE WORLDS MEDIUM TOUR)

posted Aug 27, 2017, 7:43 AM by Raphaël Pathé   [ updated Aug 27, 2017, 7:44 AM ]

Vienna ! Open your eyes :) I'm coming for the whole month of September 2017 as part of my RTWMT (Raphael The Worlds Medium Tour). Staying in the heart  #Vienna.
It will be such a bliss to be able to scan the city for all the spirits and history that have so much to tell. Make sure you follow my adventures, and if you are in Vienna, get in touch with me :)

Plan a private medium session and or an intuitive reading with me, in Vienna / Wien / Europe Austria for you and for your friends in the privacy of your hotel, residence, or at #CafeCentral 
Meanwhile : Sessions are always available by facetime, skype, phone to my amazing clients all around the world. L.A you know I miss you and my hear is always close to you :) 

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Raphael the Worlds Medium Tour in Vienna Austria

Goat animal totem by Raphael

posted Mar 23, 2017, 6:55 PM by Raphaël Pathé   [ updated Mar 23, 2017, 6:55 PM ]

Know that you can move through this difficult terrain and go where others cannot. Have faith and trust your path.
If Goat has climbed onto your path; It is letting you know that this is a time to begin new climbs and new endeavors. Take your time and plan your course. Look closely at what is ahead so that you can be surefooted along your course. This animal can also be letting you know that perhaps its time to stretch and reach for new heights. Are your goals high enough? Do you deserve more?
Alternatively this creature can be letting you know that you have to trust your own ability to land on your feet. Having faith in yourself and your own abilities is a very powerful tool that is available to you at all times. Move forward one step at a time.
If Goat is your Animal Totem;
You are persistent in achieving whatever goal you wish to pursue. You are industrious and have a strong work ethic. You are fearless when it comes to difficult obstacles on your path to success. People with this animal as their personal totem often have a lofty spiritual ambition and enjoy exploring new heights within themselves.
If Goat has climbed into your Dream;
To dream of goats wandering around a farm, is a symbol of abundance and wealth. To see them otherwise, denotes cautious dealings and a steady increase of wealth. If a billy goat butts you, beware that there are those that are seeking your downfall. If a young woman dreams that she drinks goat’s milk it is believed that she will marry money and will not be disappointed.

Additional Associations for Goat…
Removing guilty feelings
Understanding nature energies and beings
Seeking new heights
Spiritual Ambition

The Meaning of the Camel Power Animal as your Totem

posted Mar 4, 2017, 12:59 PM by Raphaël Pathé   [ updated Mar 4, 2017, 1:03 PM ]

Camel Totem Power Animal

Camel Totem Power Animal | Source
Camel Totem Keywords

Here are a few keywords to better help you understand the meaning and general message your Animal Spirit Guide may be trying to convey. Whether you have come to find that the Camel is your personal Animal Spirit guide or believe this to just be a marker or message given to you in one of your meditations or a dream, these key words will give you some clarity. If one or more particular key words resonate with you then you have received its power. Now it is time to meditate further on the key word that jumps out toward you and find the meaning in your own life. Is it a warning? Is it a theme of your current situation? These are questions you may want to ponder while discovering the meanings of the camel.

  • Survival
  • Travel
  • Service
  • Strength
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Conservation

Slow down and reserve your energy. I must teach you the importance of survival and living from within.
Camel Totem
Camel Totem | Source

Meanings and Messages from the Camel Totem

There are several beliefs about what Power Animals and Totems are. Some of them being our Angels or spirit guides taking animal form. However you see this, it should be apparent that by either animal symbolism or by the characteristics of their animal personalities they are trying to communicate with you in a language you can understand if you will only attune and reach for them in your understandings. You can do this by learning about the animal that has come forth. Learn their attributes, strengths and weaknesses, and means for survival. In some ways the way animals communicate is also important because they most likely are using that form of communication with you.
So now as I let my ego rest, I fully accept that the Camel has a message for me and is with me now on this part of my journey.

This is what the camel has to say:

"Slow down and reserve your energy. I must teach you the importance of survival and living from within. You must go inside now and take inventory of your reserves. Be of humble service to others but don't give away too much of your power. You must retain life energy within you for the long haul. You may have a long life to live and will need to control your exertion. You must stand strong now and learn to depend on your own inner gifts and talents. You must take only what you need now and leave what you cannot carry. You will learn from me to be a pillar of health. Your vitality comes from within. Gather your life energy now through rest and relaxation for you will need it on your long journey. You may find others in need of your care who are weaker than you. You will need to carry them for a while, but you must learn how to care for them without giving too much of yourself. Be of service but remember your survival instincts."

You will learn from me to be a pillar of health. Your vitality comes from within.

Make money with me, refer a new client

posted Jan 6, 2017, 8:20 AM by Raphaël Pathé

In 2017 I'm introducing my new referral reward program. Refer me to a new client and get 20% cash back through your paypal. 
Your referral books 30 or 45 or 60 minutes with me, get 20 or 30 or 40 USD on your paypal instantly. All you need to do is to forward my whatsAPP phone number to them +13233040101 or cellPhone +13233040101 when they book, they get the best reading they can imagine and you get cash.

St Barts and St Martin Island from #December 30th - January 26th 2016

posted Dec 20, 2016, 3:05 PM by Raphaël Pathé

I am super excited to be able to return to St Martin Island and to St Barts in the Caribbean Islands. It's peak season, and my friend Assalai will be there. It will be the occasion to connect with Carole, the owner of TiStBarts one of the hottest spot on the Island. I am planning to spend New Year's Eve with my tarot decks on NikkiBeach and maybe I will spot Kate Moss, who knows. AS long as the sun is shining, I know it will be a fabulous location for mediumship and fun. See you there !  To book a reading, make sure you have whatsAPP and add me +13233040101, it's going to be fun ! 


Amsterdam Holland just for one night #December 29th 2016

posted Dec 20, 2016, 2:57 PM by Raphaël Pathé

I am super excited to fly to #Amsterdam #Holland as part of my #WorldsMediumTour it's a super short trip on my way to the Caribbean.
Amsterdam is a place I like a lot, it is the home of my friends Jeanet and Wendy, we met in Barcelona and we have been connected ever since. I recall that day when I was staying at Wendy's in Amsterdam and we were having dinner at her place and it was #QueensDay and when the Queen appeared on screen, I had to stop laughing, everything became very serious, Jeanet and Wendy told me to shut up and we had to show a minute of respect for the #Queen. That was cool and shocking at the same time, I think this is what Holland is, it's cool and shocking. I will be sleeping at #hotel #Mercure inside the #Airport, I think this is so cool because my dream has always been to actually live inside an Airport. I will be available for reading in Amsterdam on the 29th at night and obviously inside the airport that day.
To book a reading, make sure you have me on your whatsAPP +13233040101, thank you and see you there !

Raphael Pathe The World's Medium Tour in Amsterdam Holland

Paris France, December 1-15 THE WORLD'S MEDIUM

posted Nov 27, 2016, 8:31 PM by Raphaël Pathé   [ updated Nov 28, 2016, 10:11 PM ]

It is a pleasure for me to reveal the World's Medium Tour next destination : P A R IS. I am a bit scared about what is happening in my home country currently and how unsafe it became, however, Paris is the place where history lies, and for now, it is the only place that has THE LOUVRE, THE JARDIN DU PALAIS ROYAL, THE PALAIS ROYAL and all these wonderful reminder on how France used to be, and what our beautiful kings such as François Premier and Louis XIV and their artists friends brought to the world. Paris is also where the art of tarot reading developed itself during the Renaissance, it is a place for culture, and has the most amazing churches such as Notre Dame De Paris  built on a magic vortex and that has a wonderful treasure. It makes me sad to see how invaded Paris has became, and how the Royal Spirit of France is fading away, maybe it is the last time I will see all these beautiful monuments and energies : I am excited to bring my mediumship to France and i will make the best I can, and I will come back to Los Angeles with mind and spirit full of these magnificent images.

Mediumship in Mexico

posted Sep 21, 2016, 1:24 PM by Raphaël Pathé   [ updated Oct 7, 2016, 9:48 AM ]

It has been 21 days I have been in lovely Puerto Vallarta, and all I can say is that I have rarely been so relaxed in my whole life.
I really needed a break from Los Angeles, and a window for more inspiration. This is precisely what I am getting here. 
The food is amazing, and people are really happy to talk to me specially when they know I am French, there are very few of us here in Puerto Vallarta. I like that dogs can run and be happy freely on the beach and it is a great occasion for me to connect with the animal kind , and so much joy and fun they are having, unleashed on the beach. 
The ocean water is really warm and feels great, I spend about 1 or 2 hours in it and there is a taco place that really makes my life amazing, it is called Taco Revolucion at  Olas Altas 485, Zona romantica, 48380 Puerto Vallarta, Jal. and I want to be there 24/7 really yummee, love their mushroom tacos with a lot of cheese in them.
I am staying at Amapas Apartments 115, I like it and my apartment is overlooking the pacific ocean, it's so lovely... ! 
My mother Martine is coming to visit Mexico too and I am very excited about it, we are going to create a new tarot deck, with angels illustrations and some great text.
At the meantime, I am working on putting a new show / package on with Jenny Electrik whom I have met and connected with in Venice Beach when we were both collaborating at the Mystic Journey store. We are creating a show that will combine, sound bath healings, mediumship and music, it will be a premiere in the world and I am very excited to start working as a team, I have missed that.
Meanwhile, I want to thank all my clients from all around the world for keeping our connection alive, I am always available for readings on skype : RaphaelPsychic, facetime, phone, duo, facebook calls, I am always close to you ! I am Raphael The World's Medium.

More to come soon X

Puerto Vallarta, my very first time in Mexico

posted Aug 30, 2016, 11:33 PM by Raphaël Pathé   [ updated Aug 31, 2016, 10:38 AM ]

Following "The world's medium" tour, my next destination is Mexico : this will be the very first time I set foot in Mexico and I am excited and thrilled to discover a new country. It had been so long I had been wanting to discover it and most importantly, I would really really really like to learn Spanish, so this is the occasion. I would love to be working more with Latin countries and Latin people are sooo much fun, my next step is to understand their language, I already love Mexican food.
I will be staying in the Romantica Zone. More to come soon. My French friends Aviva and Jean Marc recall the episodes of "The love boat" when the crew goes  to Puerto Vallarta.  I cannot wait to tell you more about my adventures as a psychic and medium travelling all around the globe and meeting amazing people and I have decided to write a book about my life and maybe make a movie about it in hollywood  we  will see :) 

Hasta luego !

I am available for all my international client, to book a reading, text me or call me on  +13233040101, facetime readings, skype and phone readings are amazing, they are similar to readings in person.

Raphael Pathe the World's Medium in Mexico Puero Vallarta

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada : A breath of fresh air

posted Aug 7, 2016, 11:25 PM by Raphaël Pathé   [ updated Aug 13, 2016, 10:56 AM ]

The World's Medium tour is starting off with an amazing little trip in Vancouver, Canada. What a surprise it was to discover a city that has such an amazing Feng Shui balance : no wonder why 40% of the population is made of Asian people. As opposed to Europe and the US in general, Vancouver, Canada, looks like the city of the future, the future how we imagined it back in the 70's. The air is clean, there is water all around, the vibe is modern and the lines are sharp. Birds and trees are all everywhere.  The inhabitants aren't too stressed. I realized I hadn't been breathing properly for so long, I needed some AIR. Vancouver was the answer. Whenever you need a real break from your city, come to Vancouver, it's a breather. I bought crystals at "The Crysyal Ark" on Granville Island and walked around The food marketeverything looked so delicious, seriously , I took the Aquabus to get there. 
I went to the Chinese Garden and hugged a tree that taught me extrême kindness.

I saw fabulous fireworks by Disney on Sunset beach ate delicious Thaï food at WOW Thaï in Gastown and was able to see some super cute furry animals at the Catfé a café where one can touch cats.
Overall, I'm glad I was able to read people here in Vancouver and to bring my gift of mediumship to Canada. Unlike in Los Angeles, there are very few psychics or mediums in the City. I will be back in Los Angeles, very soon but I have a new plan : travel the world again, country after country, city after city, and heal the world, and document my adventures. More to come soon but I think my next trip is Mexico, watch out for more. 

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